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Why Heads Up Robot?

You have invested in your website to ensure your existing and new customers can generate you revenue. If your website is down for any length of time you risk losing customers and rankings in Google.

Heads Up Robot is the answer. You need to know the moment your customers cannot see or transact on your website.

Wordpress Plugin Available

Set up in less than 60 seconds from signup. Set once and forget. Easy integration with all websites. If you need help we have a full FAQ page ready to answer any questions.

Add our code snippet or install our Wordpress plugin and Heads Up Robot will test even more. Get alerted to SSL certificate expiry, DNS changes and specific content changes alerting you to potential malware.

Easy To Use Interface

As soon as you set up a monitor, Heads Up Robot goes to work. It tests your site every hour. If it's down, we alert you. When it is back up it alerts you again.

Each monitor can have seperate alert email addresses. If you go Pro you can have more than one alert address per monitor and set up SMS text alerts for an even faster notification.

Ready to Sign Up?

Heads Up Robot is completely FREE for a single monitor. Receive an email the moment Heads Up Robot detects your site is down. Receive a weekly email summarising your websites up/down time.

If you need more monitors, alerts and SMS messaging you need to go PRO. Just sign up and go to the Go Pro page. All subscriptions are handled by Stripe, our payment partner.

Plans and Pricing

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Single Monitor
Monitored every hour
Single email alert
No SMS alerts
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£9.99 Now £4.99

Up to 5 monitors
Every minute monitoring
5 Email alerts per monitor
1 SMS alert number
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Up to 15 monitors
Every minute monitoring
10 Email alerts per monitor
2 SMS alert numbers
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